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N Dilip Kumar

N Dilip Kumar

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Paradise regained?

7 Nov 2019 3:28 PM GMT
Unless normalcy is genuinely restored, Kashmir triumph will invariably have a hollow ring to it

Craft of creativity

30 Oct 2019 2:20 PM GMT
The onslaught of industrialisation and technological progress has made artisans lose their relevance

Vertigo politics

25 Oct 2019 5:03 PM GMT
Overcoming roadblocks, AAP’s governance speaks for itself – setting a national benchmark in innovation

Dangerous dichotomy

18 Oct 2019 5:14 PM GMT
Pervasive religious narrowness in this scientific age is the irony of our modern society

Canine culpability

9 Oct 2019 2:50 PM GMT
Indian streets happen to be a battleground between humans and dogs owing to high rabies-related fatalities but with planning, the conflict may be unnecessary

Political implosions

3 Oct 2019 5:03 PM GMT
Crumbling internally, opposition parties need to form a strong federal front to counter BJP

Amoral godmen

27 Sep 2019 3:19 PM GMT
In the times of pervasive deceitfulness, it is dangerous that fake godmen are flourishing and occupying positions of power

Carbon sink on fire

19 Sep 2019 3:42 PM GMT
The Amazon episode must urge India to reflect on its own track record and climate commitments

Placebos as palliatives

13 Sep 2019 4:35 PM GMT
Sedative efforts would not ameliorate recession as stringent measures are required to jump-start the economy

Vanity as virtue

6 Sep 2019 2:12 PM GMT
Instead of conserving resources, our obsession to splash wealth in order to satisfy our vanity and grandeur has made an injudicious dent in our society

Machinations of medicine

30 Aug 2019 3:26 PM GMT
Unnecessary medical attention has paved way for a thriving business, undermining preventive measures

Gateway of criminal justice

16 Aug 2019 3:26 PM GMT
Supreme Court’s intervention in facilitating major police reforms is the need of the hour
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