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Crime and punishment

24 July 2020 5:36 PM GMT
The criminal justice system in India is in need of drastic reforms, from head to toe

Obnoxious nepotism

10 July 2020 5:20 PM GMT
The death of Sushant Singh Rajput has brought forth debates and discussions over the widespread prevalence of nepotism across all spheres of life in India

Captive regulators

26 Jun 2020 4:34 PM GMT
The increasingly troubling instances of our Apex Court folding to the pressure put upon it by the executive branch of the Indian Government mark an ill-turn for our democracy

Inhuman prejudices

12 Jun 2020 5:21 PM GMT
The escalating crisis caused by the murder of George Floyd has confirmed that irrational beliefs and unthinking prejudice can only ever lead civilised society to a path of ruin

In bad faith

29 May 2020 2:44 PM GMT
Instead of singling out a single religious minority for blame and discrimination in a time of crisis, we as a nation must unite to renew our age-old tradition of religious harmony

Vested polymerisation

15 May 2020 4:01 PM GMT
Unless the chokehold of shared vested political and economic interests is broken, India will continue to experience mishaps such as those witnessed in Bhopal and Vizag

Beyond the gloomy horizon

24 April 2020 11:22 AM GMT
Beyond the economic and social wasteland that the current pandemic has created lies great opportunity for India to take centre stage in the global economy

The unseen foe

17 April 2020 3:50 PM GMT
Humanity’s fight against the invisible enemy COVID-19 has pushed many nations to the brink but glimpses of success seen in South Korea and, in time, India provide hope

Unnecessary complications

10 April 2020 5:10 PM GMT
Even as India battles COVID-19 — superstition, misinformation, ignorance and communal divides threaten to bog down our already challenging fight against the deadly contagion

Pressing priority

3 April 2020 5:22 PM GMT
Politicising the Coronavirus pendemic is a waste of national potential that can be used instead to tackle the crisis at hand and revive the economy in the aftermath

Wisdom in democracy

26 March 2020 2:26 PM GMT
Efforts by the ruling party to sidestep and gradually assimilate dissenting sections within the government and the country are transforming India into a ‘choiceless representative democracy’

Bemoaning Bharatmata

20 March 2020 4:43 PM GMT
Sparing a thought for Bharatmata as her people struggle in darkness and adversity
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