Millennium Post

Struggling with global climate change

11 Nov 2015 10:04 PM GMT
The United Nations process has been jolted with developing countries unanimously rejecting the text that was to be the basis for negotiations. Even...

Counting Himalayan tragedies

9 Oct 2014 10:31 PM GMT
Demands have been raised for a judicial inquiry into the recent floods in Jammu and Kashmir. Two reasons are being given to argue that it was a...

Democratising international relations

12 Aug 2014 10:57 PM GMT
It is yet to be fully appreciated that the key difference with the past has been Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s willingness to act rather than just...

Focus on aspiring, not just ‘neo’, middle class

14 July 2014 9:24 PM GMT
The PM’s blog on his first month, the foundation course for members of Parliament and now the budget have begun to shift the balance between subsidies...

Green clearances, tribals & forests

2 Jun 2014 5:36 PM GMT
World Environment Day held since 1972 in the month of June stimulates awareness of the environment and enhances political action. After a period of 40...

Beyond fixed tenure

7 April 2014 5:59 PM GMT
Fixed tenure for civil servants is now a part of the All-India Service Rules. The supreme court’s judgement on stability of tenure for civil servants...
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