Mix and match in IHC

Mix and match in IHC
Tick tock on the clock was what was on the mind of each actor participating in the third edition of Short and Sweet as the first set of plays were unravelled.

These 10-minute plays were dished out rapidly one after the other. Organised by Shoelace Productions, this is the third edition of the theatre festival in Delhi. Each of the 10-minute plays had a unique story to tell.

Ankit Chadha did an interesting adaptation of the Dastangoi technique. He  performed a piece on the relationship between mobile phone users and the service provider. Tactful usage of words along with an interesting concept made this an engaging watch.

One of the most popular performances was by Neel Chaudhari, who acted in Between Romeo And Juliet that had the audience burst into fits of laughter at every sentence. The play focused on the relationship between a director (Neel) who is telling two performers to act properly for
Romeo and Juliet.

The director kept slamming Juliet for her horrid performance until she finally lost it and walked out of the play. Crisp and contemporary dialogues made this play totally worth the watch.

Next in line was the play The sum of your experiences directed by Ishwar Shunya. This play stood out for its unique presentation and fabulous performances. Damandeep Sidhu’s performance was a complete stunner coupled with Varoon P. Anand’s act.

You had to watch this play for the perfect timing of the actors who brought out compelling emotions, leaving the audience mesmerised. It stood out for it’s excellent performances as well as a great script. It offered a mix of confessional and psychoanalytical techniques, while focusing on the interaction of a man with the memories of his life.

Another interesting act — Unit Test — was done by the theatre group Desires Unlimited. The play captured an ongoing examination in school, where students tried different techniques to cheat. A simple idea which was beautifully presented, perfectly falling in the category of a short and sweet play.

What also caught the audience’s attention was Gandhi, Chaplin & Salt, which was a ‘silent film’ interestingly encapsulating the humorous performance of Charlie Chaplin, combined with Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi March. Chaplin goes to India to get salt for his boiled egg even as Gandhi gets it manufactured. The performances are good.

Sohaila Kapur’s First Fireworks was also an intriguing play which captured the relationship between a mother and daughter beautifully. Leading the Blind — which aimed to capture the essence of a foreigner’s experiences in India ranging from having a Delhi belly to the horrid experiences he faces — was  a drag.

With a little help from my friend was humorous and highlighted homosexuality well. Missed Connections seemed a bit out of place as it explored the lives of auto rickshaw drivers in Delhi and the relationship they share with their customers.
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