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India leads in environmental conflicts

16 April 2016 10:37 PM GMT
There are more environmental conflicts in India than any other country, and more clashes are over water (27 percent) than any other cause, according...

Umbilical discord

20 Jan 2016 9:09 PM GMT
If you’ve had a chance to visit a maternity clinic or the family of a newborn, then you must have heard about the “cesarean-section (C-section) v/s...

Dynamics of the gut and obesity

27 Oct 2015 9:35 PM GMT
Abad diet and lack of exercise have been held culprits for obesity for a long time. Lately, though, an ever increasing amount of evidence has...

Silent invader

9 May 2014 6:08 PM GMT
WHEN one thinks of invasions, names of kings and rulers from history come to mind. Names of plants like Prosopis juliflora, Lantana camara and...

Gut instinct

14 March 2014 11:05 PM GMT
LAST TIME you noticed a grasshopper in your garden munching away the leaves, did you think of the massive damage it causes to agricultural crops...

Burning it out right

31 Jan 2014 11:02 PM GMT
This translates to 30 minutes of brisk walk for five days every week. It is commonly believed that the exercise is enough to avoid cardiovascular,...

Enough is enough: Let’s put an end to sexual violence

15 Oct 2013 11:21 PM GMT
The face of India is changing at a frightening pace. But not for the better, as far as women are concerned.  If I continue to write about rape and...

The fastest lane to health

18 Aug 2013 6:56 PM GMT
EVER wondered how your grandmother regularly kept fasts even in old age and still managed to have a long and healthy life? Turns out, fasting itself...

Caught in the web

10 July 2013 5:20 PM GMT
WE HAVE all heard about food chains and food webs. In school they tell us how an ecosystem is as simple as ‘who eats who’. Grass is eaten by...

Opportunists among plants

24 April 2013 1:49 AM GMT
‘The secret of success in battle lies often not so much in the use of one’s own strength but in the exploitation of the other side’s weaknesses.’ So...
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