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Manish Tewari takes on Modi

Slamming Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s ‘puppy’ remark, information and broadcasting minister Manish Tewari said, ‘The kind of language people of the country heard on Sunday from the chief minister of Gujarat for the lack of a better word is completely obnoxious for the simple reason that if he has done it deliberately it shows the very basic of existence which he lives at.’

‘If he has done it inadvertently then I think it raises very serious concern about the basic competence of an individual to be able to nuance misusing the public space. You don’t go around comparing the minorities of the country to puppies, and I would even not use the word dog because I think the mere thought that this could be an analogy is reflective of lack of a better use of a word and an utter sense of perversity,’ the Congress leader said.

On the question of Modi as the face of the party after his elevation, the union minister said, ‘It is really not about the chief minister of Gujarat personally, it’s about what he represents. If you go with his track record and his personal utterances and statements, it worries you because the test of a democracy is not how you treat your majorities, it is how you treat your minorities’.
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