Making music at the Noise Assembly

Making music at the Noise Assembly
Enter the noise Assembly, and you already know there is a buzzing music scenario happening inside. Walk in and you will be greeted by booming music which fills the air with rhythm and harmony. Noise Assembly is essentially a jam-pad.

You can just give them a call, walk in and start jamming. A normal day in this jam-pad is all about bands and musicians who come here to prepare for their concerts. Spanning 2,000 sq ft, this is a one-of-a-kind jam-pad that gives you a feel of the stage. A perfect place where every musician, artist, band can practise and also rejuvenate.

Located in I-Block, Sector 9 Noida, Noise Assembly is open 24x7.

So how did it all begin? The founders of Noise Assembly, Abhimanyu Jindal and Gaganpreet Singh, both play for a band. In their early struggling days, they faced a lot of difficulty in finding a place to jam. The neighbours would often complain and family members would run out of patience. Moving from place to place offered no solution, and after a period of time everyone shunned them for creating noise.

‘Music is a passion but to continue this passion we badly needed a place which was soundproof,' says Abhimanyu.

This was when they thought of creating a jam-pad. The name Noise Assembly was given by common friends who decided that it was not a place to create music but a place where people come to practise and created a lot of noise. The place was chosen keeping the easy accessibility of soundproof material and the location in mind. Another reason, of course, is because Abhimanyu owns the place and also hails from Noida.

The owners call it a non-profit organisation. This place truly lives upto this name. Abhimanyu and Gagan manage the jam-pad in between juggling their jobs. Gagan is a marketing executive with a multinational brand and Abhimanyu is a businessman. Their love for music gives them the inspiration to continue when there is no profit to be earned.

One look at the place and you can tell where all that money gets invested. Complete with a range of equipment for performance, they have Shure (SM58) mic for vocals, Shure (SM57) mic for percussions, Mapex drum kit, Paiste & Sabian cymbals, Tama Speed Cobra Double Bass Pedals, Yamaha 16 Channel Mixer Mg166CX-USB, Line6 Spider IV (120 watts) for lead guitars, Fender Mustang (100 watts) for rhythm guitars/keyboards, Ampeg (100 watts) for bass guitars and Yamaha PA systems.

Like the note on the door says, this place is clearly for serious music lovers. A list of don’t has been put up on the door. There are already 50 bands jamming at the pad. Some of the bands who jammed here include The Aphids, Chronic Legion, Rage, Rougue Saints, Psycodelic Sucrose, and many more.

Apart from the music, Noise Assembly also stocks refreshments for the times you might get hungry. The place charges Rs 300 to let you jam for an hour. Abhimanyu says he has plans to extend the jam-pad and add a recording studio where the bands can freely record their music and their practise sessions. But that will have to wait. For now, jam all you can because practise makes you perfect.
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