Millennium Post

Wisdom in simplicity

25 April 2020 3:44 PM GMT
The stress of the lockdown and irregular schedules can pull our diets awry, impacting our immune systems at a time we need them most. Following some simple lifestyle and dietary rules can keep us on top of our health game

Finding your place of zen

11 April 2020 3:09 PM GMT
As we spend more and more time cooped up indoors during the lockdown, lifestyle adjustments become necessary. These are four common questions answered for lifestyle in the lockdown days

Wisdom of food

4 April 2020 3:43 PM GMT
For COVID-19, prevention is definitely better than cure and traditional Indian food wisdom has much to offer in the way of immunity-boosting during this period of lockdown

Matters of the Heart

22 Feb 2020 1:21 PM GMT
With cardiovascular diseases becoming a leading cause of mortality in India, it is time to debunk myths and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments for the sake of the underappreciated yet vital heart


28 Sep 2019 1:11 PM GMT
Festive season binging and unplanned fasting can both be devastating for your system – but don’t run from eating well, just eat smart

Flipside of Fad Diets

13 July 2019 1:41 PM GMT
If skipping meals is a bad idea, then how about eating low carb meals? And if you are not the soup and salad type, then you could attempt the keto...

Too Sweet To Digest!

23 March 2019 3:43 PM GMT
Though 69.2 million people in our country are afflicted with Diabetes, knowledge and awareness of the disease remain shrouded in mystery
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