Millennium Post

No solution in sight

17 Jan 2022 1:08 PM GMT
Factors leading to postponement of presidential elections in Libya to January 24 remain unresolved — signalling the perpetuation of decade-long political imbroglio

At the crossroads

6 Jan 2022 2:25 PM GMT
The political vacuum in Sudan, created by resignation of the PM, could imperil the newfound democracy if immediate international intervention is not made

In a stumbling state

1 Nov 2021 1:04 PM GMT
Restoration of the transitional civilian government in Sudan is essential to maintain the newly discovered democratic spirit within the country

An unwelcome augury

18 Oct 2021 1:45 PM GMT
Iraq needs a stable government to get rid of corruption left by previous regimes, but low turnout and stronghold of sectarian parties indicate otherwise

Worrying reverberations

21 Sep 2021 5:35 PM GMT
US’ withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, followed by pull-out of missile defence systems from Saudi, has sent ripples in the Middle East regarding similar abandonment

Regression to authoritarianism?

9 Aug 2021 12:46 PM GMT
Tunisia's nascent tryst with democracy, which shines exemplarily in the North African region, is at risk of faltering as the President usurps executive power

New priorities?

27 Jun 2021 11:25 AM GMT
Ebrahim Raisi's policy stances will be worth watching as he assumes presidential office in mid-August

Of little difference

20 Jun 2021 3:15 PM GMT
Change of administration in Israel is unlikely to have any impact on hard-line policies against Palestinian rights

Resolution or escalation?

18 April 2021 11:13 AM GMT
Amid heightened regional tensions, Iran must cautiously approach Vienna talks with an aim to dilute sanctions while keeping its security and sovereignt...

Split to inaction

30 March 2021 6:07 PM GMT
Uncertainty looms large over politically divided Israel as neither Netanyahu nor his opponents have succeeded in stitching a government to end the political impasse

No solution in sight

17 March 2021 4:52 PM GMT
Myanmar protests are far from subsiding unless the junta backs down which seems improbable

An opportunity?

31 Jan 2021 5:21 PM GMT
Biden administration takes a balanced path of a mutually agreed two-state solution to ensure peace and security in both Israel and Palestine
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