Millennium Post

Desire for ruins

26 Jan 2013 12:00 AM GMT
What does one mean by ‘ruins’? Something that is dilapidated and neglected beyond a time span? Something that never becomes a matter of...

Verses of Curses

1 Sep 2012 12:00 AM GMT
The charred bodies and broken limbs too have a voice. Down the trenches lie the stories of the decapitated, the ones targeted and branded as...

Because it is not only about oil and guns

6 Aug 2012 1:57 AM GMT
Can a terrorist have any morales? Could there be any possibilities for a terrorist to have his dignity preserved?Plaguing questions stem from the...

Body, nature and paranoia

4 Aug 2012 12:10 AM GMT
The celebrated and censored film by the Japanese director Wakamatsu in the Osians not only is a walk down memory lane of Japanese film history, but...

Two his-(sto)ries of the present

1 Aug 2012 2:20 AM GMT
The winding tracks that carry the histories of human toil, perspiration and sorrow - that is what a film called Ex Press by the Philippine director Jet...

Stuff that dreams are made of

21 July 2012 12:00 AM GMT
Both in sleep and in wakefulness, dreams are the indispensable components of survival. Histories of victories are the creations of dreams – by...

A voice of past, present and future

26 May 2012 12:00 AM GMT
With the death of Carlos Fuentes at the age of 83, Latin American writing has lost a shoulder of its own – perhaps a Herculean shoulder, which used to ...

Invoking cannibals, provoking moderns

19 May 2012 12:00 AM GMT
Primitive societies may not be so different from the postmodern world.Can a cannibal in the more modern society be an evil agent? Distanced from the fl...
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