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Forlorn in foreign shores

18 Oct 2020 6:56 AM GMT
As the dhaks start beating in my neck of the woods, in some far away land, an ode to the white flowers and the goddess is slightly in contrast to what we know as the quintessential Durga Puja. Nevertheless, vanguards of the tradition, driven by an uncontrollable urge to fill up the void with utmost warmth and amiability, fare quite well in their own kind of celebrations. But this year, Covid has certainly ruined several plans. Kaushikibrata Banerjee writes how the virus has played a spoilsport

State urges private hospitals to adopt hub-&-spoke model to combat Covid

10 July 2020 7:08 PM GMT
Kolkata: The number of Covid cases in Bengal seems to be hitting new highs over the past few days. Looking at the trend, the state government is...

Nurturing hope beyond pandemic

9 July 2020 4:47 PM GMT
Several swift switches, smart thinking and crucial modifications have helped many entrepreneurs to log better growth numbers during the ongoing nationwide lockdown, imposed to check the Coronavirus outbreak. They have not only managed to garner decent profits but have also helped their staff see through Covid times

Super Cyclone Amphan: A narrative of deluge, destruction & distress

21 May 2020 7:16 PM GMT
Kolkata: Kolkata wore a macabre sight on Thursday morning after ravaging 'Amphan' swept through the city, denuding not only large swathes of...

Beyond hawking hatred

15 Feb 2020 2:54 PM GMT
Delhi presses button hard to bring back the Aam Aadmi Party to power for the third time with the latter winning 62 out of 70 seats in what is being described as a victory for the ‘politics of work’ over BJP’s anti-national, anti-Muslim rhetoric and vitriolic election campaign

When the lights go out...

25 Jan 2020 12:42 PM GMT
As the Maximum City goes 24x7, here’s a new trend that’s waiting to be born in India. If implemented with proper infrastructure, the project has the potential to provide the much-needed impetus to its night-time economy, generate employment, mark a breakaway from the rigours of social conundrum and set a grand precedence for other cities as well 

Women hold up half the sky

4 Jan 2020 2:01 PM GMT
With movements emerging overnight, a tsunami of protests swept across six continents, unleashing real fury and discontent among thousands. Many of these protests upheld gripping images of women spearheading such epochal uprisings in the face of adversities, while there were others who made a meaningful impact for the world. As we step into the new decade, we carry forward a legacy of moments that stopped us in our tracks and got us talking

The noble Calcutta chromosome

19 Oct 2019 2:47 PM GMT
Growing up in the streets of Kolkata and becoming a stalwart of practical developmental economics, Abhijit Banerjee’s Nobel – that he shares with Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer – has brought the prestigious award back to the country’s eastern shores after a long, anticipated wait
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