Journey into the soul

Journey into the soul
If you thought art was only about stirring your visual senses, then it is perhaps time to undertake a journey deeper into the soul. An ongoing exhibition — Soul Art — has the artists doing just that. The paintings showcased by the young artists explore the many aspects of soul.

Inspired by nature and people around, each artist unraveled a different story through the paintings with a hope to give an insight into the soul of the art.

Some of the artists whose works are showcased are Dipankar Sikdar, Madhusudar, Jishu Nag, Suhas Das and Sudip Routh.

Jishu Nag imbibed through his paintings 'a reflection of soul' describing his past memories drawing inspirations from his own life. Some memories bring vivid images. Down the memory lane there are still those which are still incomprehensible. It is this memory that one dwells on for looking ahead to the future.

'Not only me but every person looks back into their past and wants to live a particular moment every now and then which is somewhere faded with the happenings in their present life,' says Nag. 'Money cannot buy all the happiness in the world which we got during our childhood from the small and priceless thing we had,' he adds.

Another artist Suhas Das, expressed 'freedom of soul'. He tried to unleash the freedom of soul through his work. He says,'The poor, but free spirit, common but aspiring only to be classless, to cut himself forever free from the bonds of the greedy middle class, to cross the line wherever they drew it'.

Sudip Routh depicted 'cities with soul' through his paintings. 'I wanted to show different cities which have some or the other historical relevance which are considered to be the soul of those cities and the changes and developments these cities have faced in the course of time,' he says.

This exhibition in all takes one deeper into the paintings and speaks volumes about art beyond the metaphysical.


At: E-23 South Extension Part II, Main Market
When: Till 27 May, 11 am to 7.30 pm
Lina Pegu

Lina Pegu

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