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Jairam Ramesh gives a miss to Vichar Vibhag meeting

Anticipating questions related to UPA’s success rate card, Jairam Ramesh gives first-ever AICC Vichar Vibhag meeting (initiated by Rahul Gandhi) a miss, instead his party colleague Kapil Sibal, Girija Vyas and Oscar Fernandes managed to smoothly organise the meet.

Giving an overview of UPA’s achievement’s Union Minister of Communications & IT Kapil Sibal at the event said he has allocated 20 thousand crores for 2 lakh 50 thousand villages for laying fibre optic lines by end of this year.

Outlining the party’s efforts to help the country progress, Sibal said, ‘When we sit in a ministry, we think of everyone. WE want to take things ahead holistically. We need to create wealth in such a way that the disparity between the rich and poor is not increased.

Inclusive growth is our main focus. We need to include the poor and then create wealth.’

‘There needs to be focus on productivity in agriculture. There is also a need to bring about change in the current education system. There needs to be emphasis on skill development in schools for children. We brought in Right to Education, as it is a core area which we need to concentrate on,’ added Sibal.

‘There has been a real change in India because of the policies introduced by our government. Even mobile phones will be a huge tool of empowerment. 3G will revolutionise the country through fibre optics. Our main focus is that productivity should grow in India and for that we need scientific inputs.’

After which Girija Vyas and Oscar Fernandes reiterated Sibal’s viewpoint. The Vichar Vibhag meeting as per AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s behest, was held on Wednesday at the party’s headquarters in an attempt to reach out to the middle class with the help of professionals and intellectuals.  The participants in the meet were also provided with literature outlining the development work carried out by both UPA I and UPA II.
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