Jab tak hai Khan

Jab tak hai Khan
Firstly this film is such a big relief after seeing Shah Rukh Khan in the unbearable Ra.One blued-eyed gelled spiked hair robot avatar. The first half of Jab Tak Hain Jaan (JTHJ) spans a decade in London (around 2002) featuring SRK (as Samar Anand), a waiter who does various errands to make ends meet in London. Samar bumps into Meera (Katrina Kaif) and falls deeply in love with her. She, being already engaged, visits the church along with him to vow not to ‘cross the line’.

Well... eventually they end up crossing it and kissing and making out (seems SRK is doing it vengefully to send a message to Kaif’s ex boyfriend).

In an expected twist, SRK meets with an accident and his lady love strikes a deal with ‘Sir Jesus’ (reminding one of Rakhi Sawant), saying she would let go of him if he keeps Samar alive. Samar lives and complicates the plot. Meera walks out of his life and possessed with wrath and vengeance against the almighty, Samar decides to challenge the lord as he risks his life every single day.

Cut to present day, SRK is shown as a dynamic army officer who heads a bomb disposal squad in the Indian Army, risking his life everyday to diffuse bombs (weirdly a bomb is readily available every single day to offer him a treat). During this phase, SRK looks his ‘age’, much better than the previous oh-so-romantic look in the first half. After the horrid look in
which was a complete torture, SRK encashes what he’s best at — the die-hard romantic. Thankfully in his last directorial venture Yash Chopra made sure he brought out this USP of SRK well.

During this phase enters Akira Rai (very stereotypical and played by Anushka Sharma), the hyper documentary film maker who makes an attempt to probe Samar’s past ‘love’ life. Eventually she falls in love with him (again, as expected). After much drama, her documentary on him is complete and that lands her a job. She needs him to be present for a show, which will confirm her job. Thus starts the stretched and slow part of the film when SRK revisits London.

Dramatically meeting yet another accident, Samar lands in the hospital battling for his life soon after reaching London. After which Dr Khan (played by Sarika) says he is suffering from retrograde amnesia. Basically he is back to the day he met with the first accident and doesn’t remember anything after that.

The convoluted concept of love that this film throws up is headache inducing. Meera can’t be with Samar because she fears he might die. Samar wouldn’t convince her because he has this battle going on with ‘Sir Jesus’. Akira says she is from the generation which has sex and then thinks of love. How convoluted and complex can it really get?

Katrina, with her tear-laced face and trying-to-act look, is a complete disaster. Anushka needs to be given mind relaxants — her overdose of hyperness can get one dizzy. And as for SRK, he looks a bit old to be a young romantic guy, but he can still charm you with his smile and his dialogue delivery remains quintessentially SRK.

One star especially for SRK’s sexy military look, the rest can be attributed to Yash Chopra’s portrayal of love and also the excellent cinematography. You can definitely go for this one, even if you are not a die-hard SRK lover.
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Tania Ameer

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