Millennium Post

Quest for real 'Swaraj'

13 Oct 2020 5:09 PM GMT
Initiatives like ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ can only succeed at the implementation stage if the implementers internalise the real meaning of ‘Swaraj’ as Mahatma Gandhi understood it

Persistent prejudices

28 Aug 2020 4:51 PM GMT
While the discriminatory practices that great reformers fought against have since been outlawed, the prejudices remain ingrained in the minds of the people

Tragedy of apathy

13 Aug 2020 4:43 PM GMT
In the civilised world, one of the greatest impediments to advancement is the callousness and disregard shown by intellectuals to grievances of society at large

On to a new path

16 July 2020 6:06 PM GMT
Development of new curriculum — made necessary by the pandemic — will allow for a much-needed change in the education sector, both in India and abroad

Upliftment from the roots

2 July 2020 5:19 PM GMT
In today’s extraordinary times, the vision of MK Gandhi and former President Kalam for developed and independent villages can serve as a guideline for addressing the migrant crisis

Fighting ignorance and apathy

17 Jun 2020 2:59 PM GMT
To meet the challenges of a post-COVID world, our education systems must be reformed from their roots to be more conscientious, inclusive and pragmatic in their approach

Building 'Aatma Nirbhar Bharat'

2 Jun 2020 4:00 PM GMT
India must embrace an educational system both flexible and widespread — bringing literacy and self-sufficiency even to the remote areas of rural India

Finding a new way

25 May 2020 6:19 PM GMT
Drastic changes brought about by this pandemic will give the education sector worldwide an opportunity to reinvent a system of learning that has long suffered from stagnation

A new chapter

12 May 2020 6:09 PM GMT
It is time now for a new India to emerge, born of politically active youth who are willing to put aside petty party politics and truly work for those in urgent need of guidance

Teaching & learning post-Corona

30 April 2020 5:58 PM GMT
Post-pandemic, education worldwide and in India must see a quantum shift in methods and policies in order to keep up with changing times and situations

A lesson for the ages

14 April 2020 5:21 PM GMT
The current Coronavirus crisis gripping India brings forth messages of consolidating national unity and building bureaucratic integrity that must not be ignored

A vision of true unity

29 March 2020 8:08 AM GMT
The path to building true social cohesion in our divided times starts with educating the youth the Gandhian values of morality, spiritualism and humanism
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