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‘Inspiration is all around you’

How does it feel to be a published author?
It feels like I am on cloud 9. It is a dream come true.

What inspired you to write such a mature book?
The on-going trends of love and relationships made write this book. Today when live-in relationships and one-night stands are the norm of the day, somewhere I feel people are forgetting the real meaning of love. I wrote Too hard to handle keeping in mind the real essence and magic of love which would remind people what true love means. Another aspect of this novel was ‘betrayal by friends’. The moment you login to your Facebook account, you see lots of sad status’ like ‘trust no one’, ‘real friends are hard to find’ etc. This is the reality of today’s era. No one is trustworthy. I believe taking inspiration from the world around you is the best thing, and I did the same.

You are so young and yet you managed to write so deeply on relationships. Would you like to quote any personal incident that made you think on the same line?
Like I said before, I love to take inspiration from the world around me. if something goes wrong in someone’s life who is connected to me, I try to find the answer to what went wrong and why. Many of the incidents written in the book have been inspired by real life of people. Talking about my life? It’s really simple and calm and I have never been through something like this and I wish it remains a fiction for everyone.

Why did you choose to centre your debut collection around a woman?

I couldn’t find anything more interesting than a woman’s life. I mean what a woman feels when she wants to express herself but no one is ready to listen to her, when she is betrayed, when she falls in love for the first time, how she fights for her love and how she tries to manage various situation of dilemma in her life.

How differently does the book deal with the problem of women?
I have tried to cover the basic problems of women and not the hard and other common social issues. I have tried to keep it light while making people aware that what actually a woman feels when she is ditched and blamed. Anushree is introvert and shy by nature. It is hard for an introvert woman to survive in this world.

I have tried to let people know that if introverts aren’t speaking or expressing, this doesn’t mean they are not feeling and have no emotions. They also feel bad. They also get hurt. Too hard to handle is all about these situations in a woman’s life which help people to understand women in a much better way.

Would you like to give any message to aspiring writers?
I would like to say, keep calm, stay determined and have patience. Take writing as a passion and not as a profession to earn money or fame. It’s all about expressing your heart out, if you’d be able to express yourself with all your heart and soul, you will surely succeed.

Does diverse education help in writing?
A lot. I believe basic knowledge is essential for entering into a certain
field. It helps in understanding the niche, cult and on-going trends. And this helps a lot in writing.

What next?
Presently I am working for on two projects. Hopefully both of my next books will get published by mid or end 2014.
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