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Indu Mathi S

Indu Mathi S

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Pest warning and food security

16 Oct 2015 9:59 PM GMT
Crop pests are adapting to climate change and are evolving to spread to new areas, wreaking more havoc. Dan Bebber from the department of biosciences...

Mimicking nature for humanity

8 Aug 2015 10:47 PM GMT
Cockroaches are known for their special ability to slip through some of the narrowest gaps, and this superior maneuvering skill can be attributed to...

Can carbon-negative be the next step?

7 May 2015 10:30 PM GMT
Among the various strategies scientists are working on to tackle climate change, carbon-negative technologies have gained a lot of attention in the...

Getting up close and personal

6 March 2015 12:30 AM GMT
Cancer is one of the few scourges that have been known for thousands of years but scientists are yet to find a definitive treatment for it. According...

Escape route

4 May 2014 5:26 PM GMT
FISH have an inherent knack of swimming through most difficult of rivers, but it is a different story when it comes to navigating through dams....

Born with a map

13 March 2014 11:04 PM GMT
THE Chinook salmon is a marine fish that hatches in freshwater. It then migrates to specific feeding habitats thousands of kilometres away in the sea...

Microbes hold the key

23 Dec 2013 9:48 PM GMT
THE tallgrass prairies of North America have rich fertile soil and have been ravaged for cultivation for centuries. Restoration efforts are now under...

Save nature, do nothing

15 Nov 2013 10:12 PM GMT
Conservation efforts generally entail elaborate action plans to counter threats to biodiversity and wildlife. But it has been seen that there is too...

More agriculture doesn’t mean more pesticide use

26 Oct 2013 11:00 PM GMT
IT is a common belief that landscape simplification, or conversion of land for agriculture, results in increased use of pesticides due to the loss of...

Women Interrupted

20 Feb 2013 10:11 PM GMT
An unprecedented number of hysterectomies (surgical removal of uterus) were conducted in Bihar and Rajasthan in 2012. It later came to light that...
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