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‘Ideating’ at Hauz Khas Village

‘Ideating’ at Hauz Khas Village
If one had to define Avi and The Uprising, the description would most likely be ‘a platform of ideas’, says Avijit (he goes by one name) - founder, lyricist and songwriter of the Delhi-based band which is all set to perform at The Living Room Cafe (TLR) on Friday.

Three years ago, Avijit started with solo gigs and formed the band in 2010 when he was joined by the other members — Jishnu on guitar, Amit on drums and recorders, Rigden in bass and vocals, and Himanshu in percussion and melodica. Avijit also plays the acoustic guitar and doubles up as the vocalist.

Broadly classified as revolutionary rock, their music draws influence from the 60s era folklore. They have also been greatly influenced by Indian elements, especially Bollywood folk.

‘Our music is a modern interpretation of folk’, says Avijit. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who are some of the international influences on their music. At the same time, folk music of India gives them an edge keeping in mind the glocal tastes.

‘Our Indianness is an organic reflection of the crazy melting pot of contemporary India while steering clear of the clichéd postcard of a sitar, tabla and snake-charmer type’, he adds.

Since they dub themselves as ‘revolutionary’, the lyrics and messages behind the songs are of utmost importance. Each of their songs has different story to tell. For example, songs like
question the system and take a stand against it, Nithari is based on the gruesome murders, and so on.

Others like Climate Change, Vahe Guru, Age of Kali and Shiva carry different messages. They talk of rebellion against the system.
Age of Kali and Shiva takes a mythical stand on the present day situation where religious connotations are submerged in favour of the message that overpowers the stand.

‘The sociopolitical stand along with personal experiences are also greatly imbibed in our music,' says Avijit. For the band, it is not just about making a political stand but also thinking of a system which is free of corruption. The songs deliver a message to remind people of the obvious.

Avijit denies being a Communist but subscribes to the values which can make the world a better place.

Their performance on Friday will have ‘a surprise in store’. The band plans to sound test their new song Atlantis and sing their hit songs like Vahe Guru which is about surrendering oneself.

They plan to release their debut album Eyes on the radio in August.


At: TLR Cafe, Hauz Khas Village
When: 15 June, 9 pm onwards
Phone: 46080544
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