Millennium Post

Beg your pardon, hon’ble president

13 July 2012 11:19 AM GMT
By Satvik VermaAround the same time when President Pratibha Patil was getting flak for waiving the death penalty of many convicts, India was united in ...

Flight of the toxic and soiled

11 July 2012 3:19 AM GMT
By Sangeetha Rajeesh'Technically speaking, it’s not too difficult… but it is the name of ‘Bhopal’ and the memory of the catastrophe surrounding events ...

Making a cyclonic difference

9 July 2012 6:03 PM GMT
By Suresh Kumar PramarTraditionally India is vulnerable to natural disasters on account of its unique geo-climatic conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclon...

Education is not a commodity

9 July 2012 5:53 PM GMT
By Tushar K MishraSince a decade or so, our universities, business and technical schools have come under enormous pressure. They are increasingly force...

So green is my GDP

4 July 2012 2:48 AM GMT
By Richard MahapatraAfter using gross domestic product, or GDP, as the universal measurement of economy for six decades, the world has begun looking be...

Imagine paying Rs 20 to watch a film!

2 July 2012 1:55 AM GMT
By Dominick RodriguesOver a century ago, they attracted vast numbers of customers that included sailors docking in Mumbai from ships sailing around the...

A bit of the forest’s glory

28 Jun 2012 9:56 PM GMT
In a first-of-its-kind move, the Maharashtra forest department has decided to pay 10 villages their share of benefits under the Joint Forest...

Hello, is there anyone out there?

28 Jun 2012 4:45 PM GMT
Are we really alone in the universe? It is a question many of us have pondered. Till late, there has been no concrete proof of the existence of life...

Northeast: a paradise unexplored

25 Jun 2012 2:25 AM GMT
Discrimination against the people from the northeast is an old issue. This discrimination may be broadly categorised into sexual abuse, racial...
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