Gods Robots descend

Gods Robots descend
What began three years ago on the internet has come together in an album launch. Meet the Gods Robots – a powerhouse band that intrinsically started with Janaka and Shridevi and now a four member strong team with Alam Khan on the sarod, Suhel Yusuf Khan and Mike on the pipes.

Shuffling between San Francisco and Mumbai, Gods Robots have picked the Capital to launch their first official album. Speaking about where it all began, Janaka says that he briefly met Shridevi in Mumbai and then heard her vocals on the internet. Shridevi has a simmilar story to tell about Janaka. But it was a matter of musical coincidence that both parties loved what they heard online and when Janaka wrote to Shridevi about working together – the Gods Robots were on their way.

Gods Robots define a brand new sound by seamlessly blending English lyrics with a pop music edge, classical Indian instrumentation and bass heavy underground rhythms. While Janaka brings in his electronic dance music, trance and dub-step to the sounds, Shridevi blends in the classical Indian and carnatic tunes to it. What results is something that Janaka descibes as – 'Pop-electronic with bits of trance, break, dub-step on one level, classical and carnatic on another and western classical on a third plane with a strong reggae element'. Wow.

Late 2011 saw the band release their critically acclaimed
Stormy Weather
. In the very first week of its release their music video Stay topped the 100,000 views mark on youtube and is now hovering near 200,000. Gods Robots music has been hitting the international airwaves for a couple years now with BBC Radio 1 describing their music as 'authentic' and dubbing them 'best sound' and 'the band to watch out for' on the show The Strand. Their music is a regular featured on a number of BBC Radio shows.

When asked if they had one name for the genre they play, Janaka says, 'You cannot put a genre to the music Massive Attack makes, we aspire to make music like that.' With infulences ranging from Lana Del Rey to Guns and Roses and a lot of 60's music, this is clearly a band to watch out for.
'Delhi has a great young classical music scene,' says Janaka, adding that the lively presence and enthusiasm in the Capital is exactly what works for them and their kind of music.

While Gods Robots have already performed in Sunburn, the Bombay Lit Fest and even the Jaipur Lit  Fest, they are looking forward to more shows across the country post their launch. With a world-wide launch on the cards soon – here's hoping the Gods Robots land safe!
Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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