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Former CAG Shunglu going easy on corrupt?

In October 2013, Shunglu in a letter addressed to Ashok Chandra, then Chairman of the society had highlighted the issue of corruption existing in the society. Interestingly, Shunglu, on becoming chairman, decided to put the allegation of corruption within the society, which was initially brought up by him, in the back burner.

On October 6, 2013 Shunglu in his letter to Chandra wrote, that he was happy to note that, “instructions have been now issued to withhold payments of Saluja Builders, a popular figure in DPS fraternity currently working in Mathura Road, Bulandshahar and any other school, possibly Faridabad also. Since there is some intent to recover money from him, then the payment in Bulandshahar and other schools should also be stopped.”

Explaining the reason for this directive in the letter, Shunglu wrote, “However the fact is that Saluja Builders seems to have been a conduit for the financial aspirants of Admiral Chopra and Principal Hussain. They ought to refund the money after proper verification of the quality and value of the work. It is common knowledge that Admiral Chopra’s fixed deposits are in excess of  Rs 25 crore  and Principal Hussain is unable to explain to I-T authorities the large number of flats he owns.” 

Shunglu concluded the letter by stating, “Ill gotten wealth must now be refunded since wrong doing is common ground between us.” 

It’s year since Shunglu took over as chairman of the society, but curiously no action has been initiated for the recovery of the said funds. Shunglu’s letter was circulated by Sharada Nayak, member of the Working Committee, DPS Society on December 6, during the society’s General Body Meeting. The letter’s explosive contents ruffled feathers in the meeting. This was Shunglu’s first meeting after he took charge as the Chairman. Another meeting is scheduled for January 2015 to discuss this issue.

It is noteworthy here that, Admiral Chopra who was the Vice-Chairman of DPS Society and also aspired for the Chairman’s post.

Shunglu was elected chairman through a disputed vote as it was alleged that author Khuswant Singh’s vote had gone missing. Shunglu managed to win with the votes of former cabinet secretary BK Chaturvedi, who was hastily inducted as life member, and Rahul Singh, who replaced his father Khuswant Singh on his sudden death.
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