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Flight of ambition

The moment we become aware of the power within, we stop being a
victim of circumstances, get off the autopilot called fate and take control of our life.

Be your own Pilot is about the journey of a boy from a small town who realises his dream of becoming a pilot, learns the lessons of life on the way and goes on to inspire others to follow their dreams. His Flying Instructor implants wisdom into the flying lessons and teaches him to take the flight of faith. The book shows the way – how, by aligning personal desires to the benefit for mankind, it is possible to lead a deeply rich and satisfying life.

The foreword of the book has been written by the best-selling Author John Harricharan. To quote him, “In some ways, Be Your Own Pilot reminds me of one of my favourite authors, Richard Bach. Richard’s books such as Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions sit in a special place on my favourite bookshelf. I go there often for guidance and wisdom. Manish’s book will be in that same, special bookshelf.”

Using flying as a metaphor, Manish Kumar has penned this extremely enjoyable story. Peppered with the author’s insights, this books is sure to touch and inspire you to break the  shackles of self-limiting beliefs and to take off in life.

The author has been a Combat Pilot with the Indian Air Force

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