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Drone cameras to monitor law & order

Lucknow has finally found a way to find out criminals and miscreants hiding in the nook and corners of the city. Though, Drone Cameras may seem quite inspired from the plot of a <g data-gr-id="27">hollywood</g> film, they have done enough to reduce the rate of crime in the city as the criminals have realised that no place is out of reach for the cops now.  

The concept of Drone Cameras has been piloted for the first time in Lucknow. Drones are remote-controlled small planes/quadcopters equipped with high definition live streaming of photo and video facility. Laced with HD cameras and video recorder, drones continuously send images and live videos of the target place to the control room. Drones are customized to cover a radius of about 10 <g data-gr-id="20">kms</g> and can fly as high as 500 feet.

Useful for covering and monitoring activities like public processions, drones do <g data-gr-id="25">aerial</g> survey of any area for the purpose of checking law and order. Launched about 3-4 months back, drones have proved their mettle when a peaceful Barawafat procession was carried out in the city with no reports of communal violence from the old city. 

Likewise, it was also used during the Assembly by-election to cover the sensitive and vulnerable booths. The latest upcoming drones have high zoom facility which can capture one’s face, number plates of vehicles and so on, enabling the administrators and police to take timely action against any defaulter. 

At times, when rioters taking advantage try to escape from lanes that are as narrow as three to four feet, drones will help in keeping an eye on such areas and nabbing these miscreants.  
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