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"Dharma and Dhamma have come home to the sacred soil of this ancient land of faith, wisdom and enlightenment"

2018-05-22 13:43:05.0
Honourable President Ram Nath Kovind gave this inaugural address at the International Conference on State and Social Order in Dharma-Dhamma Traditions, on January 11, 2018, at Nalanda University, highlighting India's historical commitment to ethical development, intellectual enrichment & self-reformation.

Simplifying Doing Trade

2018-05-22 13:39:27.0
In light of global trade protectionism, it is essential to account for an integrated view of logistics development.

Narendra Modi's Compelling Narrative

2018-05-22 13:36:45.0
PM Modi's conviction, dedication and perseverance in shaping India's future inspires hope.

Delineating Development The Bengal Model

2018-05-22 13:33:38.0
Mamata Banerjee's emphasis on grassroots upliftment has been critical to the flourishing Bengal model of development.

Media Varying contours

2018-05-22 13:31:01.0
Over time, the ever formidable Press has been reduced to shambles; yet, the crisis isn't as devastating as was once approximated.

How central banks Fail

2018-05-22 13:27:46.0
From the Greek fiasco to India’s bank crises – it has been brought to light how freedom without sufficient accountability spawns the bedrock for tragedy.

The Universal Religion of Swami Vivekananda

2018-05-22 13:21:34.0
In today's world of crisis and destruction, Swami Vivekananda's thesis of Universal Religion gains greater precedence in overcoming the wrath of mindless modernity and embracing the warmth of balanced progress.


2018-05-22 13:20:07.0
To move towards a healthy society, the commercialisation of private healthcare must be undone and a robust doctor-patient relationship must be established.

Rediscovering, Restructuring or Reinventing?

2018-05-22 13:16:09.0
Contemporary intelligentsia is passionately debating about what India needs today -- its idea to be rediscovered, restructured or reinvented in totality.

Unmistakable areas of Hope & Despair

2018-05-22 13:15:53.0
What needs to be investigated in contemporary Bengali cinema, without the blinkers that come from aggressive promotion, are areas of hope that are emphasised by stakeholders and bigger areas of despair rooted in inescapable realities.


2018-05-22 13:11:49.0
From Ramgopal Kumawat's miniatures to Bharti Kher's provocative displays and further on to Dhanraj Bhagat's careful sculptures – art in India is a dynamic concoction of excellence and imagination.

Enlightening Rural Lives  

2018-05-22 13:08:19.0
To rescue rural women from the ills of indoor smoke, PMUY has provided over a crore LPG connections to the deprived in an attempt to secure their health and ease everyday convenience.


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