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Of celebration, caution and Crisis

4 Oct 2021 6:56 PM GMT
Unlike 2020, this year, Tollywood celebrities look a bit hopeful about Durga Puja and the Bengali films hitting the theatres. They are also advising...

Of true grandeur

4 Oct 2021 6:51 PM GMT
What big and what small — Durga Puja committees across the state are living up to their reputation by channelising more funds towards round-the-year...

Much ado over her 'do' 

4 Oct 2021 6:50 PM GMT
Durga Puja in Kolkata has evolved into more of a social festival than a religious one over the years, involving people from various communities. For...

Is OTT the new 'big screen'?

4 Oct 2021 6:47 PM GMT
While the Covid-19 induced lockdown wreaked havoc on film theatres, OTT platforms flourished and proved a boon for content makers, actors and...

Fast forward

4 Oct 2021 6:45 PM GMT
A year after being halted due to the pandemic, sporting activities are springing up to normalcy, not just in mega events but in every nook and corner...

A scholarly inheritance

4 Oct 2021 6:40 PM GMT
It was the enlightening ideas of Swami Vivekananda and strivings of Jamsetji Tata that laid the bedrock for the marvel of the Indian Institute of...

Awaiting a sea change

4 Oct 2021 6:38 PM GMT
Careful deployment of digital advantage could bridge the pandemic-inflicted wider social divide in school education and raise the worst sufferers —...

Reaching every doorstep

4 Oct 2021 6:36 PM GMT
Through a participatory approach, ‘Jal Jeevan Mission’ has not only facilitated universal access to safe drinking water but also reduced gender gaps...

Crisis of our age

4 Oct 2021 6:31 PM GMT
If climate change aberrations have emerged as a structural problem, the solution too has to come through better planning

Old is Not Always Gold

22 May 2016 3:43 PM GMT
There is a quote from Publius Tacitus (Gaius Cornelius Tacitus), author of several texts, including “Annals”. As commonly cited in English, the quote...

Trading in tezheeb and time

6 May 2013 12:52 PM GMT
To the uninitiated, the meandering lanes and bylanes of old Delhi, packed with people, rickshaws, autos, cars and shops, connecting the Red Fort, Jama ...

Idylls of art, or pleasure marts?

6 May 2013 12:38 PM GMT
You walk into a bustling in-the-process-of-being-upgraded-to-a-posh-market area that exemplifies Delhi's urban villages, which are now hubs of...
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