Millennium Post

Shroud of diffidence

2 July 2022 5:41 PM GMT
Imposter syndrome, which forces people to undercount their accomplishments and takes a toll on their mental and emotional health, is clinically...

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking: Kick the habit

25 Jun 2022 7:11 PM GMT
Since there is ample data to show that drugs lead to addiction and cause multiple health and social problems, consumers must be watchful and report to ...

Father's Day: Pains behind fatherhood

18 Jun 2022 7:32 PM GMT
Father’s Day is an occasion that allows us to honour paternal bonds but we should go a step forward in understanding the myriad mental health issues ...

Marrying with self

11 Jun 2022 7:28 PM GMT
Solgamy, with its argued pros and cons, is practiced in several countries across the globe but will take some time to get legal and social acceptance...

Alluding courteously

4 Jun 2022 6:59 PM GMT
Normalisation of the use of neopronouns for making dignified and preferred references to people is the need of the hour

Busting fatal myths

28 May 2022 7:11 PM GMT
Tobacco consumers find solace in a range of misbeliefs justifying their lethal addiction, which need to, and can be done away with in favour of a...

Mindful heart

21 May 2022 4:59 PM GMT
Hypertension is intricately related to mental health, and both can be ‘managed’ simultaneously through ‘overlapping solutions’ including lifestyle...

Turning full circle

14 May 2022 6:30 PM GMT
In anniversary reaction, emotional outpourings related to major life incidents — not necessarily traumatic — repeat themselves periodically on an...

Mother's Day: Mommy's vocab

7 May 2022 6:40 PM GMT
Enlisted terms best define certain present-day ‘motherly’ behaviours that need to be recognised, acknowledged and modified if needed, to normalise the ...

Mind the heat!

30 April 2022 6:16 PM GMT
Apart from tormenting us physically, the scorching summer heat also comes with multiple mental complications that need to be taken care of

Healing drugs?

23 April 2022 6:32 PM GMT
Nascent research shows that psychedelic drugs have therapeutic potential for a wide array of mental health conditions but those should only be used...

A ubiquitous force

16 April 2022 8:54 PM GMT
Stress is an unavoidable response phenomenon in the functioning of human body and need not always have a negative connotation; it requires effective...
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