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Don’t mask your emotions

 Anubha Singh |  2012-05-10 01:59:31.0  |  New Delhi

Don’t mask your emotions

Everyone has a different way to honour their mother. Some shower their mothers with gifts. Some, like the artists at this exhibition, have found out an uncharted route. They have portrayed the wide range of expressions of a mother’s conscious and subconsciousness and replicated it on the backdrop of a mask.

Masquerade of a Mother, an exhibition that is being organised to celebrate Mother’s Day on 13 May, is an effort by Nav Siddhartha Art Group to celebrate motherhood. The exhibition will feature masks made by 300 national and international artists.

‘There are around 300 artists from places all over India like Kanyakumari, Guwahati, Punjab etc,’ said Suresh, spokesperson and curator, Nav Siddhartha Art Group.

These masks have been in the making for the last one month. Both young and senior artists created them. ‘We gave each one a 12x12 surface of fibre glass to create the masks. They mostly painted the masks using acrylic and oil paints and also embellished the pieces using hair, feathers and mirrors, mainly determined by the art style of their respective states,’ added Suresh.

The exhibition has travelled to cities like Bhopal, Dehradoon, Noida before reaching Delhi. ‘It took almost six to seven months to get the exhibition processed and consolidated. This is the first time that these artists had use glass fibre to paint,’ Suresh said.

The masks are priced anywhere between Rs 9,000 to Rs 90,000. The exhibition is all set to go international in November and December when it will travel to Italy and Malaysia in collaboration with Indian Council of Cultural Relations.

Atrium, Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar | 12 - 14 May, 10 am to 10 pm

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