Millennium Post

Twix progress and pursuit of happiness

25 Jun 2019 3:32 PM GMT
Registering an impressive economic growth and technological progress, it throws up the question whether progress has elongated the journey towards...

Tax: The necessary evil

7 May 2019 4:35 PM GMT
Deducing a virtuous and viable tax regime can be highly beneficial for any country

The UBI conundrum

6 Feb 2019 5:07 PM GMT
While Universal Basic Income garners interest from experts across the block, it lacks the feasibility to be implemented effectively

In no one we trust

30 Aug 2018 5:02 PM GMT
Despite tangible progress, our society today is shackled by a lack of trust in fellow citizens

Towards responsible CSR

29 Jun 2018 1:31 PM GMT
With little introspection on the parameters of corporate social responsibility in India – large amounts of funds are misutilised without adequate...
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