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Devang Chaturvedi

Devang Chaturvedi

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At the wrong end of Hindu stick

19 Nov 2014 9:59 PM GMT
I am a Chaturvedi Brahmin born in an upper middle class family of western Uttar Pradesh. We originated from Mathura, the venerable land of Hinduism...

Only parody and bit of sing-song

12 Nov 2014 12:00 AM GMT
Let me begin by putting across some facts clearer than ever.The epitome of arrogance is Arnab Goswami and as the Urban Dictionary puts it- he may...

Sorry to burst your literary bubble!

9 Nov 2014 9:44 PM GMT
As I exited the news room a couple of nights ago, my editor asked me if I had read anything in the recent days. I instantly knew that she wanted a...

An artiste of the rooted world

7 Nov 2014 10:09 PM GMT
There was a time in Indian cinema when movies used to be an entire package. There used to be song and dance sequences- sung mostly by Rafi, Kishore...

A less perfect Union

21 Sep 2014 8:13 PM GMT
The verdict is out. The No or the Better Together campaign led by Alistair Darling, a Labour Party MP for 27 years from the Scottish capital of...

The great Asian trapeze

14 Sep 2014 9:03 PM GMT
Newspapers further reported how the two countries in the hindsight further decided to elevate their ties to a special strategic global partnership...

Scoot over!

10 Sep 2014 10:18 PM GMT
Ask a scooter enthusiast what it means to ride a scooter and the first question you shall be asked would be, ‘Are you talking about the scooter or...

Ghost riding India in a Rolls-Royce

7 Sep 2014 9:50 PM GMT
Having read Sir Edward Penderel Moon’s, The British Conquest and Dominion of India, I was unsure of what to expect when I was handed Dominique...

Click it to pick it

2 Sep 2014 8:44 PM GMT
When was the last time you swiped your card to buy your favorite watch on an e-store?  Or when did you decide that going to the corner bookstore was...

Saving private scribes

31 Aug 2014 8:30 PM GMT
The stage had been set to knee jerk the United States; malevolent intentions were clearly visible.  A masked captor dressed in black, stood guard to...

Truth at any cost

24 Aug 2014 9:14 PM GMT
Julian Assange has been in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the past two years. He hasn’t seen the light of the day and has developed significant...

Providing new lease of life to God’s lesser children

14 Aug 2014 9:53 PM GMT
With an unbridled demeanor that speaks volumes of its charitable self, the society is indeed a name to reckon with in the national capital region of...
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