Connecting man to nature: 'Witnesses of Time'

Connecting man to nature: Witnesses of Time
Making the crucial connect between man, nature and time — artist and photographer duo Bharat and Mrida Joshi have created the Witnesses of Time. The exhibition brings together painting and photography that captures nature in all its glory and draws in the understanding of man and his surrounding.

Photography by Bharat is about capturing the essence of nature and culture of each city he was enthralled by. Florence by the evening, Kolkata and the fishermen, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. were some of the cities he has captured in the frame of time as a witness.

The interesting aspect of the exhibition are the symbols and designs Mrida creates to go beyond the symmetry and angles. She dwells on the larger aspects of humanity through her paintings. On the surface her works are a beautiful play of colours but beneath the patterns and colours there lies the idea of the primal source of energy.

Both the artists through their work have captured a certain truth frozen in a moment of time which stands as a testimony of the beauty and essence of nature. The paintings and photography not only exhilarates one’s senses but are also done with a certain responsibility.

Bharat and Mrida Joshi, both come from different spheres in life, but their love for art and nature brings them together.

The inspiration behind Witnesses of Time essentially is alluring. It is about taking a backseat and watching the time stand still in the moment. The theme is a continuous reminder of the pressing need to conserve nature and the need to coexist. The proceeds generated from sale of the artworks would go for the support of the World Wildlife Fund, India mission.

It is perhaps time to give nature a chance and a second glance in our stressful lives.


At: Gallerie Ganesha, E-557, Greater Kailash-II
When: Till 17 May, 11 am to 6 pm
Phone: 29226043
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