City band’s ‘metal’ showdown

City band’s ‘metal’ showdown
If insanity is your style and if heavy metal is what does it for you, then there is no reason why you shouldn't be there at the Bangalore Open Air which kickstarts on 16 June. This concert, which will feature both Indian and international bands, has a Delhi connect too.

Delhi-based metal band 1833 AD is one of the bands which will be performing at the gala event. The band is into 'black metal' — considered an extreme form of the genre. Expressing disasters, human greed, catastrophe are some of the themes underlying in their music.

The band comprises Nishant Abraham (guitars/vocals), Rahul Mehalwal (guitars), Sushmit Mazumdar (bass) and Shashank Sagar (drums).

They draw their inspiration from the Scandinavian black metal bands like Dark Zone, Immortal, and Emperor among others.

The band derived its name from the era when Europe faced several catastrophes and disasters. 'All of which happened that year,' says Sushmit.

The band is planning to launch their new album, a concept album in Bangalore. Their album would comprise 12 songs.

'This event is about so many bands battling it out, bringing out fresh avenues for Indian bands and interestingly also keeping the Indian bands on an equal footing with the international bands,' says Sushmit.

The members met in Delhi. Sushmit and Nishant were in school together. They met Shashank through common friends and wrote a lot of material together.

The band describes their music as 'hatred mixed with melodic hooks brought out in an aggressive manner'. They have a different approach to black metal, digressing from the traditional abrasive sound.

'We concoct a mixture of extreme tremolo picking riffs and mellow melodic hooks and solos. We also bring together individual playing styles to create an atmosphere of sorrow and hatred,' says Sushmit.

Their lyrics are mostly centered on fiction, hatred, destruction and exploitation of the human race. The band speaks about evil only to imply the ways of men and not by endorsing Satanism, Atheism or even Christianity. Stemming from that particular year was the pain the human greed involved — all these are imbibed into their songs.

So those interested in heavy metal, it is time to book your tickets.
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Lina Pegu

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