Millennium Post

Make way for catastrophe

12 Jun 2019 2:39 PM GMT
Climate Change has now given way to Climate Catastrophe — it is time that India, among the worst sufferers, builds a groundswell of opinion favouring...

Has civil society failed?

12 April 2019 4:19 PM GMT
Yes, green issues are missing from poll discourse, but who is to be blamed?

Development with care

11 Jun 2018 5:24 PM GMT
Until we reform environmental governance fundamentally, cases like Sterlite will keep repeating and environmental conflicts will only inflate

Overcome colonial hangover

11 May 2018 4:01 PM GMT
The forest department in India needs to reverse its role from being the owner and regulator of forests to becoming a facilitator in community-managed...

US walking away

2 Jun 2017 4:03 PM GMT
Without the US being held accountable for reducing its share of emissions, the world cannot keep warming “well below 2°C”.

Differentiated and legally binding

28 Oct 2016 8:26 PM GMT
One of the reasons that make the recently concluded climate conference in Kigali, Rwanda, notable is that 197 countries came together here and signed...

Should Class X Board exam be reinstated?

15 Aug 2016 8:10 PM GMT
Exams are scary for all children. Children everywhere dread exams and governments and pedagogues have experimented with different strategies to make...

Post-Paris summit: The ‘historic’ agreement

18 Dec 2015 8:46 PM GMT
The world has given its assent to the Paris Agreement on climate change. Countries used words such as “strong”, “durable”, “dynamic” to describe the...

High ambition coalition! Are you joking?

11 Dec 2015 9:25 PM GMT
As I had predicted, the United States has played dirty politics at the Paris climate conference. As we move into the last two days of negotiations, a...

Who is afraid of transparency?

8 Dec 2015 9:13 PM GMT
Transparency and reporting of climate actions and emissions data by countries has become a big issue at the Paris climate conference. Developed...

Paris climate talks: A well-hatched plot

2 Dec 2015 9:39 PM GMT
The atmosphere at the climate conference in Paris is full of rumours and intrigue. Rumours abound of a pincer movement, spearheaded by the US, to trap ...

America’s plan of inaction

20 Nov 2015 10:00 PM GMT
The endgame was smoothly done on August 2, 2015,  a Sunday. Reporters gathered at the White House to receive details of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a...
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