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C Rajashekhar

C Rajashekhar

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Budget 2016: A fine balancing act

1 March 2016 10:16 PM GMT
In a cleverly crafted budget, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has attempted to work out a fine balance between politics, economic growth, social...

Prabhu’s adroit blend of economy and equity

26 Feb 2016 9:55 PM GMT
In a developing country like India, Railway Ministers have to do the tight rope walk – between the Railways’ social service obligations and its...

A cleaner tomorrow

2 Oct 2014 10:34 PM GMT
As a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to launch the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ or Clean India campaign on Gandhi Jayanti,...

The Anti-Dynast

16 May 2014 6:13 PM GMT
After years of struggle against a systematic and dishonest vilification campaign against him, Narendra Modi has finally had the proverbial last laugh...

‘Development politics, a must to make India powerful’

1 April 2014 10:45 PM GMT
An honest search for innovative solutions to people’s most pressing needs should be the principal motivating factor in every political leader’s...

India’s industrial growth, at its worst!

17 March 2014 12:46 AM GMT
Industrial growth in India has plummeted to very low levels in recent years reminiscent of the crisis of 1991-1992 when the industrial sector had...

Economics of trust, not ownership

5 March 2014 11:14 PM GMT
Addressing the India Economic Convention at Delhi last week, Narendra Modi countered P Chidambaram’s earlier jibe at Modi’s lack of formal training...
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