Millennium Post

Independence Day musings

14 Aug 2018 4:58 PM GMT
Citizenship in India is no longer equal and the law, alas, is not applied equitably

Nuclear disarmament?

8 Aug 2018 4:43 PM GMT
The deeper concern in 2018 is that nuclear weapons are being brandished in a far more visible manner

Modi's strategic vision

18 Jun 2018 4:44 PM GMT
Though robust in perspective, there is a visionary gap between aspiration and reality

Combating the perils of plastic

2 May 2018 3:59 PM GMT
The plastic peril must not be allowed to morph into a slow-motion weapon of mass destruction

Enhancing national security

2 Feb 2018 2:42 PM GMT
India needs to nurture indigenous technology-driven policy focus

Assessing strategic positions

17 Dec 2017 4:22 PM GMT
Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined India's maritime potential and current profile in a commendable manner at the commissioning ceremony of INS...
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