Bittersweet moments

Bittersweet moments
Laced with enthusiasm, the second phase of Short and Sweet — Wild Card entry round — witnessed power-packed performances at the LTG theatre.

Crockery Shopping written by Mayanka Dave Mukherji and directed by Niharika Lyra Dutt was about a contemporary couple who explore their long-distance relationship through letters. Though the actors were good, the plot wasn’t gripping. The Storm directed by Ambar Sahil Chatterjee, and written by Zain Khan had an amazing storyline and Mankari Kaul’s performance was very good as well, but they couldn’t stick to the stipulated 10 minutes.

What came as a complete surprise was Redeem written and directed by Sakshi Oberoi Bahadur, featuring Kriti Vij and Karan Balbir Singh. The witty play was supported by good performances. Main Bhi Anna directed by Nitin Sukhija also had power-packed performances by Sukhija and Maheep Singh. The play focuses on Anna Hazare’s movement in a humorous manner, as Batra Sahab aka Singh highlights the issues faced by the
aam aadmi

Hai Ram’s concept was good but could have been executed better. The audience couldn’t gauge the desi-turned-angrezi accents. Slick Dame meanwhile was yawn inducing.

One play which was riveting and interestingly performed was Treadmill written by Sandeep Shikhar, directed by Mohit Mukherjee with the cast including Uplaksh Kochhar, Rahul Tewari, Mohit Mukherjee. A lot of energy and enthusiasm made this play a complete treat to watch.

What came as a complete surprise was On the edge of a knife — written and directed by Kanchan Ujjal Singh. It envelopes you from the very first second with strong performances by Sonamm Sharma and Kriti Vij.
Tania Ameer

Tania Ameer

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