Millennium Post

Potato shield for bamboo

8 May 2014 6:39 PM GMT
RICH in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres, bamboo shoots are used to prepare delicacies in Assam. But after the harvest, the shoots...

The dengue trap

31 Oct 2012 9:34 PM GMT
Malaria and dengue claim millions of lives each year. Insecticides are losing their edge in the fight against these diseases. The reason: a growing...

A green way to recycle paper

9 Oct 2012 9:37 PM GMT
Millions of tonnes of waste paper is generated every year. Just a small fraction of that is recycled through deinking – detachment of ink particles...

Gulp with caution!

19 Sep 2012 9:54 PM GMT
Millions in India and Bangladesh are at risk due to arsenic contaminated groundwater. Drinking such water can result in diseases like high blood...
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