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Big Bang Blues: jamming it

Big Bang Blues: jamming it
Big Bang Blues (BBB), a Delhi-based band, is popular in the music circuit for blending various genres in their music. They explore and experiment with a little jazz, rock and roll and blues to entertain the music lovers.

The band which came about in the year 2007, now consists of Sushant Thakur and Kapil Chetri on guitar, Ipshita Roy as the lead vocalist, Devang Baheti on bass and backing vocals, Rahul Sengupta on drums and Shivam Khare on Keyboards.

‘The USP of our band is that each of our member has distinct taste and style of music. Like Ipshita is a R&B lover, I prefer classic rock, Devang is into progressive metal, Shivam is inclined towards jazz, Kapil is into delta blues and Rahul is into heavy metal and fusion. This unique combination helps us in creating novel music,’ says Sushant Thakur, spokesperson for Big Bang Blues.

Sushant, who is a self taught guitarist derives the inspiration of its band music from personal experience. ‘We create music from our daily lives. The struggles, strives and memorable moments are the basic crux of our composition. Heart-breaks and relationships are the most popular subjects of our music,’ said Sushant.

The ban aims to increase the span of music and keep the interest quotient alive is partial towards the Blues.

‘Blues is an Afro-American music which evolved at the time when Africans were slaves in the US. Its music is identical to emotions of pain, joy, pleasure and prayer. Blues is the language of your emotions,’ he added. Sushant Thakur personally believes in the cause of animal activism. Their last performance was held in support of Friendicoes SECA. ‘Our performance was mainly a fund raiser for the animal NGO plus it also marked a comeback of Big Bang Blues after long,’ he said.

Sushant feels it was a mere miracle to find such like minded lovers of music, which was instrumental in the creation of BBB. ‘I picked some of them from jam sessions and others through common contacts. Forming a band is not a problem, but doing so at some other cost is the real issue,’ concluded Thakur.
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