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Badaun shocker! gang rape and murder is a false story

Badaun shocker! gang rape and murder is a false story
Preliminary inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) indicated that five men who were accused of raping and murdering two teens at Badaun in Uttar Pradesh have passed the lie detector test. Meanwhile, parents of the victims failed to pass the lie-detection tests. The reports have found contradictions in their statements given to the UP police, said CBI sources.

The forensic experts, on the basis of negative lie-detection report of parents and eyewitness Baburam alias Nazru, have told the CBI team that the parents lied about the allegations against the five arrested accused. Apart from the negative lie-detection test reports of parents, CBI says other circumstantial evidence also indicate they tried to mislead the investigators.

Though the CBI is not ready to officially make any statement on the investigation, sources indicate that they are going to interrogate the local BSP MLA soon to find out if he was involved in the case in any way. Also, the phone call records of this MLA are in possession of the CBI, and are being examined by the agency, said sources.

What is interesting is that after the incident came to light, local Samajwadi Party MP Dharmendra Yadav on the very first day had insisted that a formal request letter for a CBI inquiry should be given to the district administration, but the father of the girls did not do so. The father, in fact, waited for seven days to send the letter, after which the investigation was started by the CBI.

The sudden deposit of Rs two lakh in the father’s account and also its immediate withdrawal has also caught the eye of CBI investigators. They are now trying to figure out if this money was paid to some witnesses or not, said sources.

The CBI is probing the use of a white car (most likely a Bolero) which was used in this case. Sources indicate this vehicle was also used while the girls were being hanged from the tree, after being murdered. The branch which was used to hang these two girls is about 12 ft in height. The agency is probing the usage of this car in which the bodies of the girls might have been kept and then hanged.

In June this year, soon after the CBI started its investigation, it declared its intent to conduct a ‘custodial investigation’ of the family members. The two minor girls went missing on the night of 27 May in Sadatganj village in Badaun. The next day their bodies were found hanging from a mango tree.
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