Millennium Post

Festive blues

2 Oct 2019 4:22 PM GMT
While e-commerce giants can utilise the festive season to its profit, small traders and gig workers will have to bear the actual brunt of the

Confusion & consolidation

18 Sep 2019 3:16 PM GMT
Amid a hurriedly announced mega bank merger plan that has made bold promises, employees’ struggle for wage settlement remains unresolved

Labourers of India, unite!

12 Sep 2019 2:59 PM GMT
Manipulated by inspectorates, governments and the system itself – labourers of our country are shackled by distrust and deceit

Auto-driven unemployment

9 Aug 2019 4:53 PM GMT
July 2019 marked an inflection point and auto industry sales fell by a record 40 per cent pushing many into the red

Is privatisation viable for PSBs?

25 July 2019 12:30 PM GMT
Can the slumped India economy withstand bank denationalisation and yield a favourable outcome?

Mamata's remedy

20 Jun 2019 5:03 PM GMT
Mamata rectified the doctors’ agitation over security concerns, accepting almost all demands and sending doctors back to tend to medical necessities

A bleak future

2 May 2019 4:41 PM GMT
Unemployment has snowballed into a major national issue

Lessons from Assam

26 Feb 2019 4:32 PM GMT
Labour movement must direct its fight against liquor mafia And deliberate over ways to stop such tragedies from recurring

Shoutout against privatisation

23 Jan 2019 1:20 PM GMT
The labour strikes across India’s public sector witnessed through December and January have all stood against the privatisation of state machinery

Coping with automation

18 Jan 2019 2:18 PM GMT
A global transition to automation threatens huge job losses worldwide – citing large potential labour displacement for India

Trapped in a rat-hole

13 Jan 2019 3:14 PM GMT
India’s indifferent attitude towards illegal mining accounts for a greater tragedy

Advocating ethics

4 Jan 2019 2:23 PM GMT
Young workers across industries are expressing dissent over the unethical use of their work, asserting transparency and accountability to ensure...
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