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B. Sivaraman

B. Sivaraman

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Let women work!

7 Jun 2019 2:33 PM GMT
As unemployment hits its highest, participation of women in workforce drops to mere 27%

An overhaul requisite

5 April 2019 4:15 PM GMT
There is a need for a total package for urban labour in India. Rahul’s minimum income guarantee is a welcome move

Workers of India, unite!

10 Jan 2019 2:41 PM GMT
The January 8-9 general strike observed across the country could have a far-reaching impact on the upcoming 2019 Lok Sabha polls

Battle of banking employees

28 Dec 2018 3:23 PM GMT
The recent bank strikes witnessed a massive congregation of disappointed employees demanding wage revision and opposing the announced bank merger

Honour the volunteer

21 Dec 2018 2:23 PM GMT
Not recognised as permanent workers, anganwadi activists are deprived of access to basic necessities alongside experiencing widespread exploitation

The new generation of trade union

14 Dec 2018 4:58 PM GMT
As the gig economy is expanding into a workforce of lakhs, it has welcomed new forms of alt-unionism based on the needs of casual workers

New chapter in labour activism

9 Nov 2018 4:10 PM GMT
Google employees united globally to convene marches against sexual harassment at workplace

Pitfalls in contract labour

7 Oct 2018 4:39 PM GMT
It is argued that when the government has permitted fixed-term contract work, then why regularise

We keep prohibiting a prohibited Act

28 Sep 2018 4:13 PM GMT
A unique protest against manual scavenging brought to highlight the filthy muck of administrative failure

Challenges to labour policy

16 Sep 2018 5:11 PM GMT
There's a dire need to reinvigorate policies to address the numerous predicaments of migrant labour

Hits & misses of ILO report

24 Aug 2018 5:22 PM GMT
Low pay and wage inequality remain serious challenges for India in achieving decent working conditions and inclusive growth

Trump's trade war gamble

8 Aug 2018 4:47 PM GMT
US moves away from competition to tariff brinkmanship, elaborates B. Sivaraman
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