Millennium Post

America has spoken

19 Dec 2020 5:33 PM GMT
In the face of a perfect storm of crises, America has laid its hopes in a Biden-Harris led White House engineering a full turn-around and bring a fractured nation together

Governing the digital frontier

21 Nov 2020 5:59 PM GMT
Regardless of the many complications and apprehensions regarding potential infringements on free speech, the regulatory framework for social media platforms must be reconsidered

The Great Vaccine Race

26 Sep 2020 3:44 PM GMT
Already a monumental and historically decisive undertaking, the global initiative to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is now being pushed forward by certain nations at an almost reckless pace

On uncertain ground

13 Jun 2020 6:05 PM GMT
A series of tremors and minor earthquakes over the last few months have gripped the NCR in a sense of foreboding over whether the region is capable of handling what may follow

A changed globe

2 May 2020 3:12 PM GMT
After the world manages to pull itself out of what can easily be considered as this century’s defining moment of crisis, the human species will have to make permanent changes so that we are never again caught unprepared

The End ?

31 Aug 2019 1:04 PM GMT
Though Amazon is burning in Brazil, the responsibility to prioritise its conservation must be shouldered by the entire world – a majority of which, even today, considers the perils of climate change mere hoax

Shale in India: A Shot in the DARK

7 July 2018 3:52 PM GMT
With the global economy tussling over access to precious oil resources – India with its burgeoning population faces an uphill task of acquiring requisite resources, filling gaps in technology and also maintaining its balance of payments.
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