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Brexit - What it means for India?

8 Feb 2020 1:01 PM GMT
With the Brexit saga’s conclusion, many questions about future ramifications of the event remain. Looming large are concerns over the UK’s economic...

The convoluted history of Christmas

21 Dec 2019 2:30 PM GMT
December 25 will see most Christians celebrating Christmas. However, Armenians, an orthodox branch of Christianity, will be celebrating it on January...

The Company's Calcutta!

9 Nov 2019 1:29 PM GMT
Being the first capital of British India, the colonialists tried to modify Calcutta to their liking – leaving remnants for centuries that tell a tale...

The question of standards

6 Nov 2019 4:44 PM GMT
Exams may be final, the conditions are not – deliberation on latter’s quality must assume priority in the age of reforms, discusses Anthony...

From a commercial company to the rulers of India

22 Oct 2019 3:14 PM GMT
Scottish historian William Dalrymple in The Anarchy narrates the story of how a “dangerously unregulated” private trading corporation headquartered in...

Eyeing an overhaul

25 July 2019 12:26 PM GMT
Anthony Khatchaturian discusses how the transport system of Kolkata is failing the city, lying in wait for a much-needed revival
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