Millennium Post

Complicit in crimes

29 Nov 2021 2:46 PM GMT
Brutal killings of Swayamsevaks in Kerala are manifestations of neglect and complicity of the powers that be with radical outfits

Widening the 'narrative'

16 Nov 2021 1:51 PM GMT
While scripting the history of India’s freedom struggle, we missed out the real protagonists — a gulf being bridged today by the country’s leadership

Bridges of faith

9 Nov 2021 2:35 PM GMT
By the virtue of its ideological strength and rich tradition, the BJP has retained its connection with the masses and is driving positive societal transformation

Jinnah's ghost

2 Nov 2021 4:39 PM GMT
A spirit continues to thrive within India’s political factions, which appears to oppose everything that is Indian and favours Pakistan

New rules of the game

26 Oct 2021 1:57 PM GMT
J&K administration has undergone a transformational shift with an Indianised approach, which successfully denounces the trends dictated by 'spokespersons of Pakistan'

'Bharat' at the core

20 Oct 2021 2:39 PM GMT
Misinterpretation of Mohan Bhagwat's Vijay Dashmi address undermines Sangh’s core concern of protecting India from the efforts to disintegrate her

Preserving the 'freedom' spirit

7 Sep 2021 2:42 PM GMT
The ruling dispensation is spearheading efforts to salvage the symbols of freedom struggle which had been neglected by the Congress

Unveiling dark shades

25 Aug 2021 2:24 PM GMT
Partition Remembrance Day is a step forward towards uncovering the ‘horrors of the Partition’ that have eluded us to date

Hollow claims

6 Aug 2021 2:32 PM GMT
Owing to its false propaganda and petty political appeasement, the Communist parties have deviated from ground realities to plunge into organisational and functional decay

Taller than ideologies

16 Jun 2021 2:52 PM GMT
The Central Vista would be a grand tribute to the democratic spirit of the nation, subsiding all efforts aimed at subjugating her legacy

Of Congress and cowards

11 Oct 2020 4:52 PM GMT
As history had borne witness, the actions of Nehru and his administration during the crucial moments of the 1962 Chinese aggression were based on cowardice and false ideals

Positive Impatience, Legitimate Aspirations

4 Oct 2020 6:00 PM GMT
PM Modi’s historic address at the UNGA was a bold and uncompromising call for the world to unite in the face of new challenges — exhorting the UN to change with the times
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