Millennium Post

Disappearing dialects

5 Jun 2021 3:40 PM GMT
Languages of the Great Andamanese people are dead but that of other tribes of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands can still be saved

Opportune time

20 April 2021 12:40 PM GMT
As history repeats itself in Afghanistan, people there should lead the peace process leaving foreign powers to facilitators' role

Lull before the storm?

1 April 2021 5:30 PM GMT
Whether peace and prosperity in the historic Balkh Province will sustain under the Taliban after the withdrawal of US-led troops remains doubtful

From NEFA to Arunachal

20 Feb 2021 5:19 PM GMT
The saga of assimilation of the North-East frontier region and subsequent formation of Arunachal Pradesh is interspersed with acts of success and...

Unearthing tragedy

27 Dec 2020 6:01 PM GMT
Recounting the grim history behind Sunny’s Mazar in Aberdeen Bazar — a fading symbol of the brutal Japanese occupation of Andaman & Nicobar during the...

Carnage at Chayang Tajo

17 Dec 2020 5:07 PM GMT
Decades on, details regarding the brutal killings at Chayang Tajo remain uncertain

Tragedy of Homfreyganj

4 Dec 2020 5:00 PM GMT
Though obscured by the passage of time, the massacre at Homfreyganj by occupying Japanese forces during WW2 must, nevertheless, be addressed in order...
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