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Amulya Ganguli

Amulya Ganguli

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Will ON-OP tackle defections?

8 July 2019 4:45 PM GMT
The “aya Ram, gaya Ram” phenomenon will remain a part of Indian politics in the foreseeable future

A remarkable triumph

23 May 2019 3:28 PM GMT
The formidable Modi-Shah duo was a challenge with their indefatigable energy and never-say-die attitude

Antidote to insurgency

17 Feb 2019 4:18 PM GMT
Major reforms can curb the sense of alienation among the youth who are cynically exploited by Pakistan’s Deep State

An impending coalition?

3 Feb 2019 4:41 PM GMT
The next general election is expected to produce a hung Parliament

Too early to cheer

29 Jan 2019 4:35 PM GMT
Though Priyanka’s arrival has received applause – without a definitive policy vision, she will not lend Congress enough reason for celebration

An outset in Kashmir's polity?

29 Nov 2018 4:58 PM GMT
The idea of a ‘mahagathbandhan’ may strike the roots in J&K and even exert a favourable impact on similar endeavours elsewhere in the country

Resurgence of Congress

27 Nov 2018 3:43 PM GMT
The fear of a domineering Grand Old Party revisits allies and rivals alike

Maverick or selfish giant

20 Nov 2018 4:34 PM GMT
Enigma of Mayawati politics: Is the Dalit diva an asset or a liability for anti-BJP front?

Turbulent times for Tamil Nadu

8 Aug 2018 4:42 PM GMT
Stalin is set to inherit the mantle of the party’s leadership as Karunanidhi had wished, but not in an atmosphere free of rancour

Politics of rhetoric

25 July 2018 5:10 PM GMT
It appears that until 2019, Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi will remain locked in a battle of words

Curbing mob violence

23 July 2018 4:39 PM GMT
Laws to deal with lynching will remain ineffective as long as the vicious culprits receive protection from power corridors

Opposition's by-poll boost

31 May 2018 3:49 PM GMT
The by-poll results have tilted in favour of a unified opposition. The momentum for 2019 is gradually gathering pace.
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