Millennium Post

In defence of democracy

12 Feb 2020 3:16 PM GMT
Laws regarding sedition and related offences have no place in a democratic society

Weighing in

21 Jan 2020 3:41 PM GMT
Non-compliance of states to CAA-NRC-NPR has once again brought forth the issue of Central government’s primacy in the country’s otherwise federal...

The silent sentinel

2 Jan 2020 3:24 PM GMT
2019 saw a passive judiciary spectating the drastic events carried out by the government

Righting the wrong

4 Dec 2019 4:31 PM GMT
Prone to misuse, an opportunity exists for CrPC Section 321 to be properly utilised by the Uddhav government for withdrawing false cases against Bhima...

A dangerous trend

12 Jun 2019 2:30 PM GMT
Supreme Court’s order upholds freedom of speech and expression but its necessity depicts gross violation of the same by the state

Capital punishment or not?

6 Jun 2019 4:39 PM GMT
Upholding the constitutional validity of IPC Section 376E, Bombay High Court’s verdict might make convictions of rape more difficult than they already...

Breach of public trust

9 May 2019 4:47 PM GMT
The crisis plaguing judiciary since last few years has reached enormous heights

Make it women-friendly

9 April 2019 5:49 PM GMT
Bombay High Court ruling on abortion is a significant one

A mockery of democracy

1 April 2019 4:20 PM GMT
The Electoral Bonds Scheme eclipses the transparency of political funding, jeopardising the credibility of free and fair elections

Lamenting cast-based violence

28 Aug 2018 3:54 PM GMT
By dismissing appeals from assailants in the Mirchpur horror of 2010, Delhi High Court stands firmly against casteist exploitation

Making room for coercion

21 Aug 2018 3:35 PM GMT
The Supreme Court’s verdict on confession of the accused is controversial.

Violent state machinery

29 May 2018 4:59 PM GMT
The Sterlite plant episode is a clear case of violation of laws. The government must take accountability
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