Millennium Post

Travails of policy rollout

24 Jun 2022 4:25 PM GMT
Impact of Agnipath scheme on operational capacity of armed forces needs to be assessed and communicated properly before rolling it out in phased...

Continuous evaluation

10 Jun 2022 4:42 PM GMT
While one exam may be the threshold to qualify as civil servant, the officer’s promotion is based on annual performance along with seniority which...

Through bottom-up approach

13 May 2022 4:24 PM GMT
To implement NEP’s transformational vision of ensuring multidisciplinary education, policymakers should sincerely focus on bolstering primary...

A reliable succour?

28 April 2022 2:51 PM GMT
Looking through the lens of social realities, rather than just in economic terms, revival of old pension scheme appears to be a viable proposition

A flawed framework

31 March 2022 4:23 PM GMT
Making the MCQ-based CUET mandatory for UG admissions will promote coaching culture and ignore comprehensive parameters of selecting candidates

Two-tier route to growth?

8 Feb 2022 1:12 PM GMT
While the Budgetary focus on physical infrastructure for growth is a step in right direction, neglect of social infrastructure will likely propel...

Finding the right fix

24 Jan 2022 2:38 PM GMT
Rather than imposing a mandate over officers, the Central government must assess the reasons behind their ‘unwillingness’ to be deputed for Central...

Urgency for reforms

10 Jan 2022 12:50 PM GMT
Indian bureaucracy is in dire need of reforms to ensure its independent and harmonious functioning, as also to hold it accountable to the people

Greater synergy needed

26 Nov 2021 2:01 PM GMT
The policy failure in sustaining the farm laws should not deter policymakers from chalking out more inclusive reforms with well-defined implementation ...

A success saga

19 Oct 2021 2:00 PM GMT
Apart from ensuring efficient operation, the sale of Air India will provide major fillip to disinvestment target and open the floodgates for further...

A menacing threat

7 Oct 2021 1:56 PM GMT
As air pollution is taking a heavy toll on people’s health, the government should formulate stringent air quality standards apart from creating public ...

Far too ambitious?

20 Sep 2021 2:05 PM GMT
NMP is indeed a bold reform initiative but its effectiveness will depend on how the structural impediments are removed and unemployment challenge is...
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