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Akshit Sangomla

Akshit Sangomla

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Why is Venice drowning?

19 Nov 2019 4:04 PM GMT
Increasing global warming resulting in rising sea levels coupled with the city itself sinking due to increased groundwater usage is making the Queen of the Adriatic flood

For an N-specific framework

22 March 2019 3:16 PM GMT
The resolution for sustainable nitrogen management in the United Nations Environment Assembly was led by India for the first time, discusses Akshit Sangomla

Nitrogen is the 'new carbon'

6 March 2019 4:43 PM GMT
Growing demand in livestock, agriculture, transport, industry, and energy sectors has led to a sharp growth of levels of reactive nitrogen, discusses Akshit Sangomla

How normal were the rains?

26 Nov 2018 4:51 PM GMT
As climate change influences annual precipitation and ocean temperature levels, these parameters need to be included in the forecasting system, explains Akshit Sangomla

Havoc Titli wreaked

18 Oct 2018 4:50 PM GMT
Cyclone Titli caused immense damage in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh despite several warnings, elaborates Akshit Sangomla
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