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Ajay Singh

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‘My ties with Modi too deep to let anything spoil it’

18 Sep 2014 9:36 PM GMT
Rajnath Singh is not an extraordinary leader. Though he has been BJP chief twice over – a feat that puts him on a par with Atal Bihari Vajpayee and...

Charade to please his new masters

28 July 2014 9:35 PM GMT
Justice Markandey Katju was a regular visitor of a bookshop in Connaught Place’s Janpath market. Once he bought a series of books by Winston...

Indian bureaucracy: More a caged parrot than the famed steel frame

23 July 2014 9:10 PM GMT
If the state of affairs in Indian bureaucracy is any indication, the metaphor of ‘caged parrot’ should have readily replaced ‘steel frame’ as an apt...

Bureaucratic battles over CBI posting

21 July 2014 8:37 PM GMT
Remember the metaphor ‘caged parrot’ the Supreme Court used to describe the country’s premier investigative agency, the central bureau of...

Bihar’s best yet taking a blow

11 Jun 2014 5:02 PM GMT
Tucked a few yards away from the Gandhi Maidan police station in Patna, a restaurant called Mainland China is a new destination for the city’s...

Munde, BJP’s man of the masses

9 Jun 2014 11:49 PM GMT
Life is often so cruel that it transcends logic. Nobody understood the essence of this illogicality of life better than rural development minister...

Modi's moment: maximum style, minimum diversity

28 May 2014 4:58 PM GMT
Some events remain firmly etched in our collective memory. Nelson Mandela’s oath-taking ceremony in 1994 was an awe-inspiring event that marked the...

Little change in legal shield for corruption

12 May 2014 6:09 PM GMT
The more things change, the more they remain the same. This truism can be aptly applied to the working of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)...

Two tales of a city

4 May 2014 5:25 PM GMT
A day before Narendra Modi was to file his nomination in Varanasi, I called up my young friend Shahid, who is from the weaver community. ‘How can we...

Vadra’s business, Modi’s wife: Nothing personal about it

26 April 2014 12:19 AM GMT
Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘my life is my message’. This formulation implied that there must not be duplicity in public and private life. A public life...

Rajnath’s rivals surrender before the battle

23 April 2014 11:30 PM GMT
As a student of physics in the Gorakhpur university, BJP president Rajnath Singh must have learnt Newton’s Laws by rote. But as a practitioner of...

Present politics of the past

21 April 2014 12:50 AM GMT
Gangauli in Ghazipur district of eastern Uttar Pradesh is not just another village. Nearly 60 km from the district headquarters, this village on the...
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