Millennium Post

Cutting diabetes burden

17 July 2019 5:26 PM GMT
A new study has linked food preferences of individuals to prevalence of diabetes in various states of India, explains Aditi Jain

Malaria's new biomarker

24 Jun 2019 5:15 PM GMT
A new research promises to help develop a more sensitive diagnostic test for the disease, elaborates Aditi Jain

For sound healing

16 Jun 2019 5:22 PM GMT
IIT-Kharagpur scientists developed a gel from curd that retards the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and enhances wound healing, illustrates...

Nanotechnology for food

1 May 2019 4:46 PM GMT
A nano-formulation promises to result in more effective plant-based food preservatives, elaborates Aditi Jain
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