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‘BJP fearful of Hindu-Muslim unity’

20 April 2014 4:57 PM GMT
Kashinath Singh, who might well be the most popular Hindi author of last decade, reminisces a time when Banaras was a garh – bastion – of the Left....

Has the Left lost its relevance?

15 March 2014 12:23 AM GMT
On 10 March, The Guardian (UK) published an article by Vijay Prashad on the upcoming general elections in India. Prashad, a well-known Marxist...

Paswan’s tango with Modi

7 March 2014 11:21 PM GMT
There are times for things such as ideology; and there are times for swift negotiations: 2014 is for latter.Consider the timeline of Ram Vilas...

A Khirki to the soul

27 Feb 2014 11:23 PM GMT
Okito Christophe, a 28-year-old Congolese, is short man with a soft voice; with his spectacles and semi-formals, Christophe has the air of a geek who...

What it means to stop a book in 2014?

14 Feb 2014 11:04 PM GMT
By now it’s too familiar a story to be surprising: a writer writes a book (often with years of slogging and painstaking research); someone – an...

Anatomy of an urban village

3 Feb 2014 12:40 AM GMT
The only entrance to Jia Sarai – a tiny suburban sprawl in south Delhi, surrounded by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) campus from three sides ...
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