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‘Who am I?‘, Why am I here?’ ‘What is the purpose of my life?’ These are some of the few questions which intrigue us many times in various ways. They nudge us softly or <g data-gr-id="69">sometime</g> come back to shake our very existence with a jolt. We brood more about the philosophical aspect of life when faced with the difficulties and challenges of life. It is, I guess, life’s way of telling us to stop and listen to that soft, faint voice inside us. That little unheard voice calls and vies for your attention yet we are busy in our everyday struggles. It’s only when we stop, contemplate, look back that an endless sea of possibilities awaits us.

We all know that philosophers, poets, artists have all tried to delve deeper through the mysteries of life and death and tried to present their own perspectives and answers. Yes, their answers have helped us solve our challenges, difficulties, indecisiveness and stress to an extent. Are we ready now to answer these deep, intricate, <g data-gr-id="55">life changing</g> questions through the eyes of a soul?

Psychologists <g data-gr-id="61">say,</g> a person can find answers to his problems only when he sees it from a distance, with a detached view. Then, who else can provide us the answers to the deep questions of LIFE than a soul who can look at this world from a detached perspective, above all of us!!

Once this World was Mine is a first of its kind, spiritual book narrated by a soul of a young boy, Pulkit Soni, who died at an early age of 22 years. The beloved soul connected with his mother who became a channel to present his painful yet <g data-gr-id="63">life changing</g> experiences to the world. The very first chapter answers your questions on why would a soul want to write a book and who is the book dedicated to and why. A mother’s love can conquer all and we see it happening so vividly in the pages here when Pulkit’s mother decided to connect with the soul of his son. A son who was exceptionally brilliant and died under strange circumstances, this book is also a mother and son’s journey to uncover the truth behind the real reason of Pulkit’s death.
The author who is a soul, jolts us with his writings and forces us to think on the aspects of life such as ‘This world is nothing but a delusion; this is one truth which is nothing but a lie. And this very lie is the root of all <g data-gr-id="58">misery’</g>. In another chapter, he probes you to think of your life events with his distinctive style, ‘during times of our suffering in our lives, our incessant questions are why me and why is all this happening to me?’

The karma theory takes a new meaning when a soul in its memoir sheds life on its past life and bearing of the fruits of those karmas in the present life. This book even attempts to guide you to change your karmas and hence your future.

In one of the chapters, “Here everything is ours but where is <g data-gr-id="65">it’</g>, a soul beautifully explains the distinction between physical relationships and spiritual relationships. It again makes you question your beliefs and makes one see their relationship in <g data-gr-id="64">different</g> light.

In this book, a soul is experiencing varied emotions like love, anger, guilt, peace and many more which challenges the <g data-gr-id="54">age old</g> fact that emotions are the result of a chemical called serotonin in <g data-gr-id="68">brain</g>. The boy’s soul wants this to be researched further and feels that he might only delve deeper into this question in his new birth. The lessons from this life did not get over even after Pulkit Soni’s demise, we see him pondering and brooding and learning new lessons even after the death of his physical body.

One cannot miss the peculiar style of this soul talking, urging you to think hard, mend your life and bring it to the right track before it’s too late.
Once this World was Mine is a unique and an extraordinary book. Through conversations, stories and life excerpts, the soul of Pulkit Soni answers life’s pertinent questions. A question at the end of each chapter forces us to look for our own answers and the importance of listening to our own soul.
This engrossing book is intended to be a <g data-gr-id="52">life changing</g> guide, so pick up a copy of Once this World was Mine which will help you examine your life, find out what you are doing wrong, and open you to new possibilities and a better path ahead.
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