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100 days of govt an example of perpetuating insecurity: Congress

Slamming the Narendra Modi-led government’s the Congress on Tuesday slated the prime minister as a ‘dream merchant’, who rose to power by selling ‘false hopes’ dismissing the 100 days of his rule. ‘Modi sold false dreams, that cannot be realised. He promised all things to all people. Rahul Gandhi did not do it. He did not give false assurances and refused to be a dream merchant. Rahul is sincere and hence he did not do all this,’ said party spokesperson Anand Sharma while addressing reporters in the national capital.

‘The first 100 days of the Narendra Modi government have been an example in perpetuating insecurity, non-articulation of economic vision, centralisation of power and a rudderless foreign policy. All these details put together are a perfect recipe for disaster fir days to come,’ Manish Tiwari said.

Accusing the BJP for capturing power by making lofty promises and selling unrealistic dreams, Sharma said the 100 days story of this government has proved to be ‘disappointing.’ He said, ‘The 100 days story of this Government has proved to be disappointing, characterized by non-fulfillment of promises, undermining of institutions, the compromising of administration and governance and promotion of a work culture nurtured by distrust and fear.’ Sharma went on to say that the first 100 days only seem to be an extension of the BJP’s election campaign. ‘This should end immediately for governance to commence. This shameless exercise of renaming and plagiarizing the initiatives and schemes of the UPA government, solely for the purpose of taking credit should be replaced by concrete steps that involve actual governance rather than mere perception management and media manipulation,’ he added.

Sharma asked the PM to ‘explain why 18 of his ministers are facing serious criminal charges compelling the Supreme Court to observe that it is for the Prime Minister to ensure that those having criminals charges are not promoted. He is the head of the government. Why did he bring such people in the Cabinet?’

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